Jinglers Creek Subdivision

Location: Youngtown | Tasmania

Jinglers Creek Rise sits on a picturesque hillside and is the last significant infill development between Quarantine Road and Ritchings Estate at Poplar Parade. This subdivision offers huge 2,000m2+ blocks with views out to Ben Lomond.

Immediate interest in these lots meant that our client decided to construct Stages 1 and 2 concurrently. This gave us the challenge of designing and gaining approval for over 700m of road and over 2kms of pipelines, while co-ordinating with the contractor who was already on site.

One challenge for this development was to actually reduce the water pressure entering the site. Given the high volume and pressure supplied to the existing Techno Park site and the elevation drop into our site, a pressure reducing valve was installed to protect the new pipes being installed.

This project brought together 6ty˚ services including Surveying & Engineering.

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