Degree C Offices & Workshop

Location: Ulverstone | Tasmania
Status: Construction Completed 2013

Degree C is a major multi-trade contracting company offering air-conditioning, refrigeration, metal fabrication, mechanical & electrical products & services. It is owned by Fairbrother Pty Ltd. The Greenfield site on the outskirts of Ulverstone was originally masterplanned to be the home of both Degree C and Fairbrother on the North West Coast. The precinct was to include a Fairbrother workshop of some 5,000sqm as well as a Degree C workshop of 2,500sqm plus 2,500sqm of office space combined.

The project completed to date is the manufacturing facility and office complex for Degree C. Whilst the workshop was standard in its requirements, the planning of the office building was centered on providing a comfortable working environment with a focus on natural light. The office complex was located on the southern side of the workshop facing the highway for maximum exposure. This led to a series of ‘fingers’ or forms which were loosely based on the blades of a mechanical fan. They feature a mix of glass and spandrel panel allowing each individual office to have access to natural light and ventilation.

The challenge in the design of this project was to achieve a balance of scale between the offices and workshop.

We also felt it was important to connect the functions and to present the complex as a whole rather than individual parts. The resulting form created a relationship between the elements and provided opportunities for signage. The building features a showroom as the central design feature surrounded by offices, meeting rooms & staff amenities.

This project brought together all 6ty˚ services including Architecture, Surveying & Engineering.

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