AJL Heavy Equipment Showroom & Workshop

Location: South Burnie | Tasmania
Status: Construction Completed 2015

Form and function combine at the new AJL facility in South Burnie. 6ty° were invited by VOS Constructions to provide a comprehensive design service to Andrew Lawson and John Saltmarsh of AJL for the construction of their new facility in Burnie, at the old Burnie Pulp Treatment Site. The initial brief was to create an architecturally designed complex with function, flair and highway appeal.

Project architect and Director, David Gillies in a joint effort with the client, prepared the project brief ensuring that it met the set budget, specific operational requirements and design aspirations for the project. This collaboration resulted in a building concept that respects existing complex management systems and successfully transforms the run down site into a vibrant and imposing complex which is welcoming to visitors of Burnie.

Various approaches have been applied to ensure that the newly designed building is not a mere shelter for industrial operations but an essential part of the activity that takes place within. This process has resulted in designing a building that acts as a set of spatial sequences that meet the client’s practical operational needs and requirements.

6ty° proposed a building that was able to communicate its industrial role through the use of architectural elements. This has been achieved through a system of gable roofs whose radial repetition along the façade promotes the character of a ‘significant’ industrial building.

This system allows for the different functions within the building such as workshops, offices, meeting rooms, amenities and other spaces. The main ‘centre’ point of the building takes on a radial form and encourages the space to act as a ‘hub’. The interior has open spatial volumes throughout offering staff and visitors magnificent views to the ocean thus resulting in a strong ‘sense of place’.

This project brought together all 6ty˚ services including Architecture, Surveying & Engineering.

Photos courtesy of Vos Construction

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